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Your distribution source for Belden Cable, Alpha Wire, Southwire Cable and equals
Your distribution source for Belden Cable, Alpha Wire, Southwire Cable and equals

Equals to Belden, Alpha, Southwire and more, why are they valuable?

PROBLEM:  The cable I need for my project is either unavailable with a long lead or the price has gone up so much that its no longer affordable?


We see this problem frequently and equals are typically our first suggestion.   But before we launch into the solution, lets cover the ground work.

What is an Equal?

In essence an equal or equivalent cable has the same physical and electrical properties as another cable.  In practice, the equal will meet or exceed the specifications of the target cable in electrical or data transmission with a near exact size profile in outer diameter, number of conductors, material types, etc...  The phrase we like to use is a cable is an equal if it meets "fit, form, and function" of the target cable.  I like to use branded vs generic pain relievers.  There are branded pain relievers for headaches and body aches available on the market, and there are generics and store brands of these same medicines.  They work the same, have the same ingredients, and are packaged similarly, they just tend to be a little less expensive than the branded medicines.

What's the benefit of equals?

Two important factors, PRICE and AVAILABILITY.  In today's world of rising prices due to a variety of factors, like labor costs, raw materials, and shipping costs, having more options to keep your material costs down is essential.  Pair cost savings with material availability due to greater supply, make equals a go-to option.

Who makes equals?

In a word, everyone.  There is no denying that one of the preeminent cable manufacturers in the world today is Belden Wire & Cable.  Belden manufacturers everything from power and distribution cable to basic networking cables.  Many of these cables have a premium price.  But did you know that Belden owns and operates Alpha Wire, West Penn Wire, and Gepco.   These companies offer equals to Belden branded products and often at a substantially lower price!  Equals are also manufactured by smaller regional cable manufacturers in the United States.  These companies may not have the scale of the larger manufacturers but proudly and effectively manufacture products here in the US.  Because they do not have a large global brand to support, can typically produce an exact equal for a fraction of the price.

How do I know if my cable has an equal?

That's where we come in.  The combination of our industry experience and our industry contacts has allowed us to compile a proprietary database of equals to Belden, Alpha, General Cable, Southwire and more.  Not only can we match an equal to a Belden part, but we could go the other direction and identify the Belden part number from another brand.

Ok, you sold me, how do I get started?

Pretty simple actually.  You can use our search bar above and simply type in your part number and the word "equal".  That should give you some options.  But you're best bet is to call us at 1-888-792-9283, email us at, or chat with us using our chat functionality to the bottom right to discuss your specific needs.  We can walk through some of the options and gather any information from you if we need to do any additional research.