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Your distribution source for Belden Cable, Alpha Wire, Southwire Cable and equals
Your distribution source for Belden Cable, Alpha Wire, Southwire Cable and equals


20 AWG Multi Conductor Cable

Whether you’re sourcing cables to manufacture devices or taking on an expansive wiring project for your facility, you can experience the best of both worlds when you order 20 AWG multi-conductor cables at AudioVideoElectric: reliable quality at an unbeatable price point. Find out firsthand why the industry trusts us for all their cable needs today. 

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Get the Best Balance of Quality and Affordability in Your 20 AWG Multi-Conductor Cables at AudioVideoElectric!

These types of cables are necessary for both general electrical tasks like setting up your speakers and more specialized needs like signal transmission in control systems, low-power applications, and intricate wiring setups in compact devices.

They facilitate easier and safer installations, reduce operational disruptions, and enhance overall system integrity. Their thinner gauge makes them ideal for tight spaces and intricate assemblies, where flexibility and precision are paramount.

But no matter what you’re using them for, you’ll come to the same roadblock so many before you have - quality cables that you feel like you can count on are expensive! 

It’s hard to stomach the expenses of brand-name solutions, which is why hobbyists and professionals alike choose to shop at for our Belden alternative cables.

These offer the exact same dependability and specs at a fraction of the price, all backed by world-class customer service. What more could you ask for? Power your project with confidence today.

Why Source Your Cables Through AudioVideoElectric? brings decades of industry experience with a commitment to future-ready solutions. Our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we strive to maintain the trust we've built through consistent performance and reliability.

We’re passionate about empowering you to bring your project to life without the financial stress. That’s why we’ve created an unbeatable selection of 20 AWG multi-conductor cables so you don’t have to compromise on reliability, efficiency, or affordability. You can have it all!

Each multiconductor cable in our collection matches the branded cables in functionality and durability but at a substantially reduced cost. 

They’re manufactured primarily here in the US and are backed by comprehensive spec sheets and rigorous testing, ensuring they not only meet but surpass the exacting standards expected by our clients.

Over the years we’ve played a pivotal part in helping businesses like yours streamline their wiring and saving money along the way. 

In fact, a Southeast US HVAC equipment manufacturer recently cut their cable costs by 65% by sourcing through us. We also helped a medical device manufacturer trim $86,000 from their budget while putting production delays in the past. 

These are just a few of the success stories we’re proud to recount, and there are many more where those came from. But why not experience the difference yourself today? The cables you need are just a few clicks away ready to offer peace of mind and substantial savings!

The Reliable, Economical 20 AWG Multi-Conductor Cables You Need are Just a Few Clicks Away!

Finding the right balance between cost and quality can seem daunting, but you’ve uncovered the needle in the haystack here at AudioVideoElectric - where you can power your projects without compromise!

Looking for different gauges to round out your wiring needs? We’ve got it all here at AudioVideoElectric, and you can expect the same commitment to quality and affordability across our entire catalog:

Don’t play the guessing game if you’re unsure which cables are right for you. Remember, our friendly customer service team is on standby ready to help you power your projects with confidence. 

Whether upgrading existing systems or undertaking new projects, these 20 AWG multi-conductor cables are your gateway to enhanced efficiency and reduced costs. Order yours today or reach out for a personalized recommendation!