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Your distribution source for Belden Cable, Alpha Wire, Southwire Cable and equals
Your distribution source for Belden Cable, Alpha Wire, Southwire Cable and equals


22 AWG Multi Conductor Cable

Discover unbeatable value with our 22 AWG Multi-Conductor Cables - top-tier performance at a fraction of the cost, backed by expert support. Power your project with the best today!

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Get High-Quality Multi-Conductor Cable 22 AWG With Unbeatable Pricing and Support at! 

Multi-conductor 22 AWG cables are used for everything from telecommunications to control systems, data transmission, and more. 

They’re characterized by their thin gauge and relied on for their ability to facilitate compact wiring and enable efficient signal transmission with minimal interference. 

The flexibility of 22 AWG multi-conductor cables also supports complex installations where space and routing are critical. These benefits make it a staple in industries like manufacturing, automation, and electronics. 

However, sourcing these cables often presents a trade-off between quality and cost. High-quality cables that guarantee reliable performance and durability typically come with a premium price tag. 

But at, we bridge this gap. Our “Belden Equals” are manufactured to match the branded counterparts in fit, form, and function, ensuring you don’t compromise on quality or reliability. 

And with prices 10-20% lower than branded versions, we provide the perfect balance of affordability and excellence. Plus, with our dedicated support, you're never alone in finding the right solution for your needs. Browse our selection below or get in touch for a personalized recommendation!

Why Get Your 22 AWG Multi-Conductor Cables at is your trusted provider in the electrical supply industry. We bring more than 100 years of combined experience to the table coupled with an unparalleled commitment to providing our customers the perfect balance of quality and value. 

Our multi-conductor cable 22 AWG selection offers the same high standards as branded cables but at a more accessible price point. They’re manufactured in the USA and rigorously tested and come with detailed spec sheets for your peace of mind. While you’re saving money, you’re not sacrificing any level of performance. 

We know that every component in your project is a delicate piece making up the larger puzzle. The stakes are high, and we’re here to meet them. 

Beyond the products themselves, though, you also gain access to our world-class customer service to help you find all your wiring and cabling needs. This extends to long after the purchase, whether you need help troubleshooting an issue with your wiring or navigating a return. We’re available via live chat, email, or phone!

Find the Ideal Multi-Conductor Cable 22 AWG Below or Reach Out For a Recommendation!

The complex world of wires and cables can leave you overwhelmed. You don’t have to play the guessing game when it comes to sourcing, though. You can rest assured you’re in the right place at

If you come to realize that these aren’t the right type of multi-conductor cables for your unique needs, don’t worry - we have a wide array of other specifications to support your project:

Across our entire catalog you’ll gain access to the same great quality and low prices.

Whether you're upgrading your systems or tackling new projects, our multi-conductor cable 22 AWG selection offers the reliability and performance you need without stretching your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Take the next step towards bringing your project to life today.