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Your distribution source for Belden Cable, Alpha Wire, Southwire Cable and equals
Your distribution source for Belden Cable, Alpha Wire, Southwire Cable and equals
What is Belden Cable?

What is Belden Cable?

As you source cables for any project demanding reliable, long-lasting performance, you’ll inevitably come across the Belden brand, a trusted figure for a variety of wiring needs.

So what is a Belden cable, and are these worth the price and lead times they’re notorious for? We’re going to introduce you to this leading manufacturer below, including common cables they create, where they’re made, what they’re used for, and more.

But while there’s no denying the dependable, high-quality solutions Belden is known for, they come at a cost that many cannot justify. Whether you’re creating your own products and need an affordable solution or you’re trying to stay within budget while bringing a project to life, don’t worry. Our Belden alternative cables are just what you need.

They’re indistinguishable in fit, form, and specs, but cost up to 20% less. Shop now at or get in touch to learn more about how our Belden equals can power your operation today!

What is a Belden Cable?

So, what is a Belden cable? These cables are manufactured by Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions. They’re known for superior construction that contributes to optimal signal integrity and minimal interference. Here’s what you need to know about the brand.

Overview of the Belden Brand

Belden Inc. was founded in Chicago more than a century ago in 1902. It has since become a leading manufacturer through its focus on delivering reliable and high-performance solutions for a wide range of industries - industrial automation, data communication, broadcast, and energy. 

More recently Belden has boosted its portfolio by acquiring companies ranging from Cable Design Technologies (CDT) to, GarrettCom, Alphawire, and more. It has gone public in the past and then went back to private. 

The manufacturer is committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, which has helped it maintain a strong reputation in the industry for over a century. 

With more than 100 years of experience in producing dependable solutions, you can’t go wrong buying Belden - as long as you can afford it!

Common Types of Belden Cables

Belden boasts a vast catalog of solutions, ranging from coaxial cables to multi-conductor cables. Here are some of its most popular varieties:

  • Twisted Pair Cables: Used primarily in networking and data communication, these cables are designed to reduce EMI and crosstalk.
  • Coaxial Cables: Commonly used in broadcast and video applications, these cables provide excellent signal integrity and bandwidth.
  • Fiber Optic Cables: Ideal for high-speed data transmission over long distances, these cables offer high bandwidth and minimal signal loss.
  • Multi-Conductor Cables: Used in control systems, industrial automation, and instrumentation, these cables can carry multiple signals simultaneously, simplifying complex wiring setups.

Where are Belden Cables Made?

Belden has diversified its manufacturing centers across the globe to protect against regional disruptions and bring down lead times for its customers. It has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

The company operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that adhere to stringent quality control standards to ensure the highest level of product performance and reliability.

What is Belden Cable Used For?

Now, what is Belden cable used for? Perhaps a better question is what industry hasn’t benefited from the reliable cables Belden is known for producing? Here are some of the most common applications, though:

Industrial Automation

Belden plays an integral role in industrial automation systems by providing reliable connectivity for sensors, actuators, and control units. These cables support the seamless transmission of data and power, enabling precise control and monitoring of automated processes. 

Their durable construction allows them to withstand harsh industrial environments, including exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and mechanical stress. The longevity of Belden is virtually unmatched.

Data Communication

Belden cables are used for networking and telecommunication applications in data communication as well. Twisted pair cables from Belden are commonly employed in Ethernet networks, providing high-speed data transfer with minimal interference. 

Meanwhile, fiber optic cables offer even greater bandwidth and distance capabilities, making them ideal for large-scale data centers and communication infrastructure. This is even one of the common multi-conductor cable uses!

Broadcast and Entertainment

This is one of the premier manufacturers in the broadcast and entertainment industry for audio and video transmission, too. 

Belden’s coaxial cables provide excellent signal integrity and are essential for high-definition video and audio applications. They’re used in television studios, live event production, and other professional AV setups to provide high-quality, uninterrupted transmission

Energy and Utilities

Even the energy and utilities sectors rely on Belden’s offerings for dependable power distribution and management. 

From smart grids to renewable energy systems and traditional power plants, these cables are capable of handling high voltages and providing reliable performance in the most demanding environments, ensuring efficient and safe energy transmission to keep our world powered.

Are They Worth the Price, Though?

It’s clear that Belden cables are a staple in a variety of industries for their reliable performance and durability that deliver a long-lasting solution. However, it comes at a price, and you’ll need to carefully consider whether it’s worth it or not for your specific operation.

Benefits of Belden

Make no mistake, the benefits of Belden are clear. These are among the best cables you can use for a variety of projects. Here’s why:

  • High Performance: They’re known for superior signal integrity and low interference, ensuring reliable and high-quality data transmission.
  • Durability: Built to withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, chemicals, and physical stress, making them ideal for industrial applications.
  • Wide Range: Belden provides a diverse selection of cables tailored to various industries, so you can easily find the right cable for your specific needs.
  • Compliance and Standards: Belden cables meet stringent industry standards and certifications to keep you compliant and offer peace of mind.

Drawbacks of Belden

All that being said, there are a few reasons you may end up looking into other options rather than Belden - mainly cost and lead time:

  • High Cost: The most significant downside to Belden is the higher price compared to other brands. This can be a major factor for budget-conscious projects.
  • Availability: Depending on the specific type and quantity needed, there can sometimes be lead times and availability issues, potentially delaying projects.

The good news is that there is a way to enjoy all the benefits of Belden without any of the downsides - source Belden equals at!

Get the Exact Same Performance and Specs at a Fraction of the Cost in Our Belden Alternative Cables!

Our company brings a collective wealth of experience in serving the needs of our customer base, providing exceptional quality at an unbeatable price. With world-class customer service every step of the way, what more could you ask for?

The Belden equals we carry are identical in fit and form to their branded counterparts, serving as a perfect one-for-one replacement. We even have the spec sheets you need to confirm and make your decision with confidence. 

The only difference you’ll notice is the cost, which is up to 20% lower. Don’t believe us? Check out our case studies! We’ve helped companies like one medical device manufacturer save $86,000 annually while putting production delays in the past for good. 

Another success story involved trimming $30,000 in costs for a Florida Electrical Contractor while also eliminating the need to stock their own inventory. We’ve helped other brands reduce costs from 40-65%. We can do the same for you.

You can count on us for all the multi-conductor cable types you need, too. Here are some of our most popular collections: 

So, browse our catalog and learn more about the advantages of multi-conductor cable sourcing at You can also reach out with any questions, whether you want to learn more about how multi-conductor cables are manufactured here or which specific cable is right for your unique needs. 

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Wrapping Up Our Belden Cables Guide

So, what is Belden cable all about? This brand is known for producing exceptional quality across a multitude of wiring solutions, with more than a century of experience to its name.

Its cables are used across industries for their reliability and durability - but many will never have the chance to try them because of the excessive price. That’s where our Belden equals come in. 

Want to learn more about wiring and cables? Explore our blog for resources on single conductor vs multi-conductor cable, what is a multi-conductor cable, how to strip multi-conductor cable, how to calculate conduit fill for multi-conductor cable, and a whole lot more. We have both the insights and the solutions you need to take on any project with confidence and clarity.

With our Belden alternative cables, you can get the best of both worlds in sourcing: dependable solutions that will stand the test of time at a price that fits your budget. Experience the best value in your wiring setup at today. 

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